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"Tremble before the power of Power Man!! That sounded weird. Luke Cage. Tremble before Luke Cage."

Carl Lucas was born and raised in Harlem, and in his youth, ran with gangs and committed minor criminal acts like theft with long-time friend Willis Stryker. When he met Reva Connors, though, he tried to turn his life around, only to have it instead turned upside-down when Stryker framed him for heroin possession. Sent to Seagate Prison, called Little Alcatraz, he tried simply to survive, until Dr. Noah Burstein. In exchange for a possible parole, Carl Lucas consented to be the test subject for Burstein's experiment; the chemical bath gave him extraordinary powers, and he emerged from prison Luke Cage, Hero for Hire.

Luke now serves on the New Avengers and balances life as a superhero with his life as a husband and father.
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